What is Doggie Daycare and why does my dog need it?

Paws & Claws Doggie Daycare was established to help owners find a positive outlet for their furry children's energy and to provide a safe, positive, loving environment for dogs to socialize and interact. At Paws & Claws Doggie Daycare, your pup will spend the day chasing balls, playing with other dogs, or just relaxing in our climate controlled play areas socializing with dogs of a similar size and temperament. Not to mention they receive all the physical and mental stimulation that a dog could possibly need!

Just because your dog comes home tired doesn't mean your dog has had a good day with the proper stimulation. Our staff has been trained to give your dog the proper stimulation that includes both physical and mental activites. At Paws & Claws we use a Rest and Rotate model with a required one-hour lunch nap that will have an optional enrichment activity for all campers such as lick mats, frozen kongs and snuffle mats. We customize each camper's groups and activites so that they get more stimulation in 20 minutes than they would in a regular four hour period of constant group play. During rest periods each camper will get their own play pen to relax in and learn that quiet time is ok. Campers will also learn door and gate boundaries which will help with basic training and teach them to not rush through doorways.

The energy your fur kid will exert during the day playing at doggie daycare translates to a more relaxed dog instead of a dog dealing with frustration or boredom. Most importantly you don't have to deal with the guilt of leaving them home all day alone, or the guilt of missing their regular walk because you returned home late or were just too tired from your busy day. When the day is over owners can rest assured that they are taking home a satisfied and content dog, and this makes both of you happy!



Vaccine Requirements

Each dog must be up to date on the following vaccines and provide a record from a licensed veterinarian.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Bordatella
Scheduling Doggie Daycare

We are limited on the number of dogs that we can accept per day, please schedule your dog's daycare at least 24 hours in advance.



$ 25

Pay by Day

Not sure how many days you'll need daycare? No problem, we have a daily drop in rate of $25 per day.
$ 17

Try a Half Day

Sometimes all you need is a few hours. Stay four hours or less and get half day pricing!
$ 17+

Save with Packages

Save some money and purchase a package! Use the days as needed but within six months, or they'll expire!


Monthly Unlimited

Best Deal! $330
Bring your dog as much as you like!
Expires on same date each month.
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30 Day Package

$510.00 for 30 Days
30 days to use whenever you like!
Second + dogs $450 ($15.00/Day)
Expires 6 months from date of purchase.
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20 Day Package

$400 for 20 Days
20 days to use whenever you like!
Second + dogs $300 ($15.00/Day)
Expires 6 months from date of purchase.
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10 Day Package

$230 for 10 Days
10 days to use whenever you like!
Second + dogs $155($15.50/Day)
Expires 6 months from date of purchase.
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