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What is Playcare? 

Playcare Basics

Doggie Playcare is our daily Monday through Friday program that offers socialized doggies a chance to play in a larger group setting.

• Monday through Friday, our attendants are here from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

• During this time our handlers work with the doggies on basic manners and behaviors such as sit and stay at doorways.

• Weather permitting, Playcare rotates between our outdoor turfed area to our indoor, climate control areas where doggies can enjoy their day accompanied by their furry friends on our doggie play safe equipment.

• Toys and activities are prepared for the group on a daily basis and are based on the doggies attending.

• Activities prepared include but are not limited to: bubble games, tug of war, fetch, tag and more. We use different sized toys to suit doggies of all sizes and types of play.

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Playcare – More Details

Paws & Claws Playcare was established to help owners find a positive outlet for their doggie’s energy and to provide a safe and positive environment for dogs to socialize and interact.

• At Paws & Claws Playcare, your pup will spend the day playing with other dogs, or just relaxing in our climate-controlled play areas socializing with dogs of a similar temperament. Not to mention they receive all the physical and mental stimulation that a dog could possibly need!

• A tired dog is not always properly stimulated. Our staff has been trained to give your dog the proper stimulation that includes both physical and mental activities.

• Rest periods are offered on a case by case, as needed basis.

• We customize each doggie's groups and activities so that they get more stimulation in 20 minutes than they would in a regular four-hour period of constant group play.

• During rest periods each camper will get their own area to relax in and learn that quiet time is ok.

• Doggies will also learn door and gate boundaries which will help with basic training and teach them to not rush through doorways.

The energy your fur kid will exert during the day playing at doggie daycare translates to a more relaxed dog instead of a dog dealing with frustration or boredom.

Most importantly, you don't have to deal with the guilt of leaving them home all day alone, or the guilt of missing their regular walk because you returned home late or were just too tired from your busy day.

When the day is over owners can rest assured that they are taking home a satisfied and content dog, and this makes both of you happy!


Steps to Enroll in Playcare

Step 1:  Apply

Fill out our application before you visit! We can accept it in person or emailed.

Download here! - Our Off-Leash Applications, please print and fill out completely. Email to or Deliver In Person


Step 2:  Schedule Evaluation

Once your application has been submitted and reviewed, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

*Evaluations are scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays depending on availability.


Step 3:  Evaluation Day

Drop off your doggie and we will do an evaluation once our regulars arrive. Each doggie will take home an evaluation report.


Step 4: Let’s Go!

Once your doggie’s evaluation is completed, we’ll let you know where they will fit into our Playcare program and start having fun!


Hours of Operation for Playcare

Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED


Playcare Forms

Paws & Claws Contract & Release Form:  Must login to customer account to fill out and submit.
Paws & Claws Medical Release Form:  Must login to customer account to fill out and submit.
Paws & Claws Doggie Daycare Re-Evaluation(fillable)
Paws & Claws Pet Group-Play Consent (fillable)
Paws & Claws Pet Owner Information (fillable)
Paws & Claws Daycare Off-Leash Application**
**Print only - fill out and drop off prior to your scheduled arrival or email to:


Playcare Packages

• By purchasing a package, you are guaranteeing that your dog has a spot on scheduled days.

• Your scheduled certain day(s) of the week becomes your doggie’s Playcare schedule for the month.

• Packages are good for one month at a time. 

• You must use all of your days within a month of purchase.

4 Day Package - $137.00

This package allows your doggie to attend Playcare 1 scheduled day a week.

8 Day Package - $253.00

This package allows your doggie to attend Playcare 2 scheduled days a week.

12 Day Package - $350.00

This package allows your doggie to attend Playcare 3 scheduled days a week.

16 Day Package - $425.00

This package allows your doggie to attend Playcare 4 scheduled days a week.

Unlimited Package - $460.00

This package allows your doggie to attend Playcare 5 scheduled days a week.

Half/Full Day Rate/Add-On for Boarding

Half Day** - $28.00

Full Day - $35.00

Daycare Add-On For Boarding - $28/day

* Packages are not necessary for Playcare. Packages do guarantee that your doggie will not be denied Playcare on your doggie’s scheduled days. You must schedule your doggie for this guarantee. Once scheduled for a certain day(s) of the week, that is your doggie’s Playcare schedule for the month. 

** There are 2 time slots for half day: morning and afternoon. Morning is 7am-12pm. Your doggie can come in at 7am or after but has to be picked up by 12pm in order to get half day pricing. Afternoon is 1pm-6pm. Your doggie has to come in at 1pm or after to get half day pricing. **