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About Us


Our Story

Paws & Claws started as a tiny grooming business at our owner’s farm. She added 5 kennels, which now serves as our Special Needs facility. Since then, it has grown to the largest pet care facility in the county with 70 suites to lodge your pets in.

Why did we go into pet care? 
Because we love animals, and we want to provide a safe and enriching environment for dogs and cats. We understand the deep bond that can form between pets and their owners, and every day we dedicate ourselves to protecting and caring for these furry souls. To be a champion of animal welfare, Paws & Claws of Morganton will run a safe, cruelty-free facility. We will ensure that we are going above and beyond to fill the essential needs and to help animals thrive.

Each pet in our care is entitled to the following Five Freedoms:

• Freedom from hunger and thirst.

• Freedom from discomfort.

• Freedom from pain, injury, and disease.

• Freedom to express normal and natural behavior.

• Freedom from fear and distress.


Our Purpose

The purpose of Paws and Claws is to provide exceptional care for the pets who stay with us in a safe and loving environment.


Our Mission

Paws and Claws of Morganton strives to be a leader in pet care in our community by keeping abreast of industry trends and standards, hiring and continually training the best staff, and educating our clients on the optimal care of their pets.

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